"Between Places," "Malaak: Angel of Peace," and p.105
August 8, 2012
And, we're back! Got another double-feature for SF comics this week, since I was on vacation away from my computer for the last two weeks of our CotW spotlight project. (Sorry, guys!) First up is "Between Places" by Tiana, which I've featured a few times and which is still, at time of last checking, a really awesome fantasy comic. Tiana's got a style that's not quite like anyone else's, and a storytelling mode to match. If you like mind-bendy stuff that doesn't always make sense at first--and you must, since you're here reading this thing I've been making--you'll probably really enjoy this one. She's got a sizable archive, so for a smaller bite you can check out "Those Who Favor Fire," a standalone story about the end of a dream.

Next up, we have "Malaak: Angel of Peace" by Joumana Medlej. "Malaak" is probably one of the most original superhero stories I've ever seen, with a story set in Lebanon and tied deeply into Lebanese mythology. Joumana's art is very professional--she understands human anatomy like nobody's business--and her story is accessible without being simplistic. Want a superhero story that offers a little something different? Then this one is a must.

This week on "Cetiya," shit's about to get real for that guy right there.

As a side note, I feel like I've had all these pages where nothing really happens, and I'm going to try to get out of that soon. Maybe it's just because I was away for a while and came back, but damn... this story's got to move along faster. What do you guys think?

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