"LaSalle's Legacy" and p.104
July 18, 2012
In the spotlight this week is "LaSalle's Legacy" by Jennifer Zyren Smith, a black-and-white adventure manga about a young ship captain following in the footsteps of his father... and also pirates. And necromancy. I haven't reached the meat of the plot yet (have only read the first couple of chapters), so here's a more cohesive summary in the creator's own words:

In the world of the Twelve Seas, the secrets of necromancy have been lost to the Old World for decades. When a young man discovers that his father's old nemesis, who is now a zombie, is out to kill him, he sets out to learn more about this forbidden art. Along the way, he discovers he isn't the only one curious about the secrets and becomes engulfed in a battle for power.

Anyway, go give it a look.

"Cetiya": The further I get into this scene, the less I feel I need to say anything about it. But if anybody's curious, I've drawn most of the last several pages listening to Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns" album and the soundtrack to "The Hunger Games." Also, I know this is a bad spot to leave people hanging, but I'm going to be out-of-state for the next couple of weeks. I most likely won't be able to update during that time, so thanks for bearing with me and I'll see you guys in August.


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