"Cyantian Chronicles: Darius" and p.103
July 11, 2012
SpiderForest Comic of the Week is back on track this week with "Cyantian Chronicles" by Tiffany Ross. "Cyantian Chronicles" is actually sort of a group of stories that takes place in the same universe; the link I posted points to the "Darius" arc, which Tiffany has just recently wrapped up, but you can find others through it if you're interested in the universe. Tiffany's been in the webcomic world for quite a while, with "Darius" itself running for about two years. Go give it a look.

Today on "Cetiya," a spell you've seen before... albeit some time ago. I had some trouble making this page visually convey what I wanted, and I really hope that I've succeeded. In the briefest terms, she's missing her gear... and you can probably tell why.

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