July 4, 2012
Hey, all. Happy 4th of July to my American readers. SpiderForest's Comic of the Week feature is taking a break for the week, so guess you're just stuck with me for the day.

This is a page that I actually did a full sketch draft of in advance, and unfortunately I somehow like the old sketch better. It had some problems, but spacial distribution was a little better on a purely aesthetic level. Here's the sketch... feel free to judge for yourselves: http://cetiya.spiderforest.com/images/HarborDraft.jpg

In community news, SpiderForest is accepting webcomic applications until the 24th of this month. Have a sweet webcomic? Want to be part of a sweet collective? Show us what you got! Rules for application are here: http://www.spiderforest.net/apply/

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