"Riven Sol" and p.100
June 20, 2012
This week's SF CotW is "Riven Sol" by the nigh-on incomparable Elaine Corvidae. Elaine puts her skills as an author to good use in this Lovecraftian sci-fi webcomic, weaving a story that takes all that delicious Elder God horror and squeezes it into an isolated space station. Kidnapped kids, hooded cultists, tentacle monsters, and, of course, a little bit of romance. I'm not really doing it justice, here, but I very highly recommend checking it out.

This week on "Cetiya"... well, that really doesn't look good, now does it. On a technical level, this was a really rough page for me, and I'm actually pretty thrilled with how it came out. If anyone's interested in seeing the last time I did a scene like this in a comic (2006, to be exact), click here.

I like to think that I draw a little bit better, now.

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