"Willow's Grove" and p.99
June 13, 2012
Happy Wednesday, everyone. This week's SF CotW is "Willow's Grove" by Karl Kleese, a long-running comic that covers... well, let's see. Best friends? Check. Small town? Check. Outer space? Check. Shape-shifting hamsters? Check. "Willow's Grove" has actually gone through a few incarnations, which Karl has thoughtfully included in his "History" tab. He suggests that a good jumping-off point for new readers might be the beginning of volume 8 (http://www.willowsgrove.com/wordpress/?p=1110), but if you want the whole epic picture you might want to start at the beginning. Give it a look!

This week on "Cetiya," glass physics! Because it came up before I even posted this, those are two separate glasses, not sequential images of one glass.

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