"Sunset Grill" and p.98
June 6, 2012
This week, SpiderForest is featuring "Sunset Grill" by Kat Feete, a 3D render comic that also deserves some special mention for the excellent, thorough world-building. Many of her pages are accompanied by extensive liner-notes, and though they aren't strictly necessary to understand the story, they add tons of depth. Here's a brief summary, in Kat's own words: "Gangsters. Mercenaries. Public defenders. Ordinary people struggling to survive in an extraordinary future. They all have one thing in common: they all drink beer." Highly recommend.

This week on "Cetiya," some more half-audible dialogue, a pissed-off business partner, and a couple of perspective shots that didn't come out nearly as bad as they looked for a while. Also, I'm pretty sure somebody just got shot. Tune in next week to find out just how badly a business deal can go.

Also, "Cetiya" will be turning four (in internet years) on June 15th. Mark your calendars.

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