"Spare Keys for Strange Doors," "Precocious," and p.96
May 16, 2012
All right, readers. Since I didn't have an update this week, you're getting a double-dose of SpiderForest Comic of the Week Spotlight goodness. Be sure to check both of these comics out and show their creators some love.

First up is last week's spotlight feature, "Spare Keys for Strange Doors" by Lucy Lyall (who is also, incidentally, the creator of another little comic called "Kaspall"). "Spare Keys" is a collection of stories about a duo of paranormal investigators and the... well... paranormal things they investigate. Skillfully conceived and executed, full-color, very awesome.

Next up, we have "Precocious" by Christopher Paulsen, a.k.a. Chrispy. This is about as different as you can get from the previously mentioned webcomic: inconveniently intelligent animal children who wreak havoc with their... erm... gifted brains. Great for pretty much any age group and definitely good for a laugh.

As for "Cetiya"... Last week one of my readers (Ann, I'm looking at you) asked why there wasn't any grinding going on in this alleged "nightclub." I suppose there still isn't any going on, but there *is* double your weekly dose of hands sneaking into pants.

And some other things, of course. For those who might not realize initially, the operator pictured in the top right is not Nine. (You've met him before. Briefly.) The headgear design is slightly different because I figure their headsets are tailor-made to a certain extent. Nine does not wear the headset that this guy wore.

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