"Chirault" and p.93
April 18, 2012
And now, back to our regularly scheduled SF Comic of the Week spotlight. This week, we have "Chirault" by Varethane. "Chirault" is a fantasy/adventure story about a demon hunter who is also a demon, a tiny demon who used to be a regular-sized demon, lots of people who hate demons, and some mages who made a really, really big mistake. One thing I really love about "Chirault" is the style; Varethane works in traditional media, which gives her drawings that beautiful hand-inked look. (Because, well... it's all hand-inked.) She expresses tons of detail in very few lines, which really makes "Chirault" a visual joy to wander through. It's got a pretty meaty archive--I'm only through about half of it--so it's had time to establish itself, its story, and its characters. Some violence and bigotry (man, do these guys hate demons), but suitable for most audiences. Check it out.

Today, on "Cetiya," a little bit more on that time when Nine was married. This page was kind of a bitch to frame, and I'm still not thrilled with it. There's bound to be pages like that, though, and I thought it was important to see the two of them alone together in this scene.

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