"dream*scar" and p.91
April 4, 2012
Thanks again to everyone who dropped by last week to check out the webcomic. *This* week's SF Comic of the Week is "dream*scar" by Heather Meade (also known as hchano). "dream*scar" is one of those gorgeous full-color graphic novels that really sucks you in with the art... and then keeps you there with the story and the characters. It has (and forgive me here, hchano, because I *have* read your FAQ) a sort of "True Blood"-esque world setup in which supernatural creatures have stopped going stealth in the human world. Vix, a teenage girl, is forced to confront the reality that not only is she not human, but she can also be incredibly dangerous. (A hard point to ignore when you psychically kill half your high school by accident.) d*s is a good, oftentimes fun read with a solid archive, recommended for teens on up.

This week on "Cetiya," we dig further into the specifics of Nine's memory. Not quite there yet, but edging closer...

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