"School Spirit" and p...89
March 21, 2012
Hey there, everyone. SpiderForest's Comic of the Week is "School Spirit", created by the talented (and very Australian) Dutch. I mention that second part because it really is a huge part of his comic's environment and culture. The stories--and there are many of them--center around a group of Australian school kids and the ghosts who reside in the cemetery across the way. The comics are peppered with what I, as an American, see as "Australia-isms," as well as bits of Australian culture that really fill out the world and, to me, set the comic apart from the crowd. Lots of puns and gags, approved for all ages and audiences. Want to grab onto something that speaks to your inner child? Check this one out.

Today on "Cetiya," the author realizes that she's been mis-numbering the pages. Good job! Also, Daven's understanding of world history and culture makes another appearance. Is he right? My guess is, he has no idea.

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