"The Only Half Saga" and p.87
March 14, 2012
Comic of the week this week is "The Only Half Saga" by Darwin, creator of "Gemutations: Plague" and my one-woman comment army. TOHS is the story of Cabal, a dhampir who has spent centuries hunting down his estranged father... and not in that warm, fuzzy, reconnecting sort of way. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with a fair sampling of desert-scapes that might bring to mind post-apocalypse films like "Resident Evil 3" (I forget the subtitle on that one), "The Book of Eli," or "Six-String Samurai." This is another one of those comics that's definitely grown up artistically over the last several years, though the art style jumps around a bit (where pages were redone, I presume) rather than being a completely linear visual progression. This is a good read for people who like vampire stories and good old familial discord (and, of course, a little romance), but do be aware that it's rated M. My personal assessment is that if you're reading "Cetiya" you can probably read TOHS, but just be aware.

Today on "Cetiya," Brome is selective about trusting people.

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