"The War of Winds" and p.86
March 7, 2012
Those who have been following this comic for a while know that every now and again SpiderForest does a weekly spotlight feature for its creators. Well, it's that time of year again, and we're opening up the season with "The War of Winds" by KEZ. "The War of Winds" is a fantasy/adventure story with a very strong script--it's based on a novel, which provides an excellent proverbial backbone for the comic--and an art style that has been progressively refined throughout the years into what it is today. I always love being able to see the evolution of individual webcomics, and reading "The War of Winds" from beginning to end certainly takes you through a full gamut of art styles and compositions. Want a long-running, engaging fantasy to read? If so, this might be the comic for you.

Today on "Cetiya," Brome and Daven doing more of whatever it is they do. As seems to be the case more often than not, Brome knows something that Dav doesn't.

And, to round things off, I have also added a new digital painting to Nine's character gallery. This one's NSFW (nudity and a drug reference), so use your discretion.

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