January 11, 2012
Good afternoon, everyone. Got a few things for you today. First up: today's page, in which Pada gets lots of things plugged into him and I continue to try to draw upward facial angles so that they will eventually not look like crap. \(^^)/ I went with very minimal background tone on this one, which looks pretty much how I want it to but nonetheless feels comparatively empty. Oh well. This was supposed to be a mostly white page.

Second: I got fanart from Thane and a Secret Santa piece from Tiana, so do go over to "Extras" and check out the newest additions. I'm pretty psyched about them.

Third: SpiderForest is open for submissions until January 24! Got a sweet webcomic? Want to join a sweet collective? Check out the info HERE.

And...I think that does it for now. Until next time!

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