December 21, 2011
Hey, all! Welcome to my first Wednesday update. This week on Cetiya, Nine ignores some pretty good advice from Nezumi. This page also exists to remind me that just because my last page came out well doesn't mean it'll necessarily happen again. -_-

SpiderForest is doing an art exchange for the holidays this year, and I did my piece early because I'm going out-of-state on Friday. So if you head on over the the "Extras" tab you can find that under "SpiderForest Specials." (Or, if you're lazy, just click here.)

Apologies again for last week... you don't even want to know about the stomach flu I had. I also have to apologize for next week, because I'm seeing my family for the holidays for the first time in five years and will almost definitely not have an update for you. I thank you greatly for your patience and willingness to continue reading, even with the sporadic nature of the updates as of late. Seriously... you guys are awesome.

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