December 6, 2011
Whew... sorry for the Tuesday update, everyone. I tend to leave the majority of my comic work for weekends, but--and I admit it--if my boyfriend manages to not need to go to work for a day or two, I'd rather spend that time with him. So I tried to do the whole page yesterday, but I also ended up with lots of chores and stuff to do, so...

Yeah. Tuesday.

I expected it to be a lot harder to get back into drawing "Cetiya" after a month off, but I actually have two of my favorite character shots in a long while on this page. I think Daven came out great in the first (or third?) panel, and Nine's expression in the fourth is just what I wanted. So I'm glad that I can say that my first page back on the job doesn't suck.

As far as having participated in NaNoWriMo goes... well, I'll need to actually plan next year. I only made it to just shy of 30k before throwing in the towel, and a good part of that was having no idea where the hell the story was going. There's some stuff in there that I like, though, so I imagine I'll go back to it at some point and start cleaning and restructuring it. A good experience in general, even if I didn't make it through this time around.

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