October 24, 2011
Welcome back to the control room, everyone. Did you miss it? I was dreading it, personally. Haven't drawn it at all in quite some time, and somehow I never manage to set myself up for a situation where I can just paste in the background from another page. But, wonder of wonders, I'm actually pretty happy with how this looks, and it didn't even take the horrifically long time I was expecting it to. I'm starting to be really glad that I decided to do preliminary outline drafts in blue... it's still not definitively saving me any time, but it's absolutely cutting back on the number of times I find myself erasing sections that I don't like. I can be as messy as I want on that preliminary layer, which helps me a lot as far as getting where I'm trying to go.

You know, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, in this week's update Nine deals with her boss in a thoroughly professional way. Yes.

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