October 17, 2011
Sorry for the late update today. I couldn't find my zone this weekend, and ended up doing a lot of crappy work that kept getting erased. I'm not sure yet whether this page is quite what I want, but rest assured it could have been... well, a lot worse. >_>

Looking at this page, it seems like a good idea to mention that the big main panel and the panel following are not simultaneous--assume that everything Pada does is in real-space. I learned a little while back that there has been some confusion about this, so I want to reiterate that ADEPT isn't a virtual-space thing; all of Pada's stuff, including the scene with rZ way back at the beginning, happens in real-world environments.

Hopefully I haven't ruined everyone's brains with this.

In other news, there's a new TWC vote incentive up for anyone who wants to see this page without text.

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