September 26, 2011
This week on "Cetiya," it's a wall of text! >< This was one of those instances where I was convinced I had enough space, but the finished product ended up with a lot more dialogue in the top panel than I was banking on. Live and learn.

There are four character cameos this week, courtesy of some very cool people who were willing to help me fill in some "random person" spaces. They are:

Gabriel Lhae ("Between Places")
Tareq ("Malaak")
Renate ("The Only Half Saga")
Kim ("Today We Burn")

There will be another couple next week as well. Because let's face it... a mountain of criminal dossiers in virtual space is a great excuse to draw in some characters by other webcomickers.

Also, for Opera users, the display bug should be fixed now. Thanks so much for your patience.

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