p.72 + Site Recode
September 19, 2011
Hey there, everyone. Welcome to another fabulous Monday. Big news today--particularly for those who haven't been following me on Twitter or any of those other social networks my webcomic and I hang out on--is that I've replaced my previous, Fireworks site code with a new, streamlined CSS-based site code. I learned CSS just to be able to do this, and I'm very pleased with the results. Please note that the site will now be best viewed at resolutions of AT LEAST 1200px wide... otherwise, you'll experience a bit of foreground drift. Special thanks go out to Kez and Darwin for their help, both with the code itself and with general visual critique and support. Also, the site now includes the Tiffany Munro Commemorative First Comic Button, because I promised her that if I did a CSS layout I would put one in.

I don't think she knows about the name, though.

As for this week's page... well. Sometimes work just sucks like that, doesn't it.

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