September 12, 2011
This page was sort of one of those good ideas that didn't quite reach its full potential. Ah well. Most of you have probably noticed that I used my "dynamic perspective" sketch as a base for the design, with some slight changes and repairs To problem areas. I think it transitioned well into this style, personally. What do you guys think?

Also, for those who are worried: No, Daven doesn't actually have sea animal porn. That's just Nine being an ass.

In other website-related news, I spent a fair portion of the past week working on a CSS equivalent layout for the current site design. It's still in progress, but if it reaches a stage where I'm confident it will run well in all three major browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome) I'll likely replace the current code with that one. Updates on that as they become available. (As for right now, the new code runs fine in FF and Chrome but looks like ass in IE. Apparently it doesn't understand margins.) Have a good one!

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