August 29, 2011
Today on "Cetiya," a friendly card game and some narrative space. I had something very clever to say about this page six hours ago, but I'm afraid it's escaped me.

In other news, the SpiderForest network is working to set up some print auctions to help out one of our members with some financial difficulties. The auctions aren't live yet, but the site--along with a more thorough explanation of the nature of the fundraiser--is located at http://xandercomic.com/auction/index.html.There are some lovely prints available from a variety of our creators (and three from me), so please give it a look.

Finally, I am currently working on a full site revamp for the comic. Some of you already know this. With luck, the new model should be live next Monday... but I'm not quite ready to make promises on that.

Until next time!

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