August 16, 2011
Hey all. Happy... Tuesday? >< Yeah, all of SpiderForest was down yesterday. All of SpiderForest was down because Dreamhost was down. So, sorry I'm late.

But look... an update! This week, Daven speculates a bit on Nezumi's character.

In addition, if you check out the "Extras" and "Characters" tabs, you'll see I've added some new stuff. In the latter, there are a few new character bios, new bio thumbnails, and a new picture in Pada's personal gallery. In the former, a very cool fanart from Darwin of "Gemutations: Plague" and "The Only Half Saga."

ALSO. A very belated warm welcome to our newest members at SpiderForest:

Tiffany Ross - "The Cyantian Chronicles"
D.Z., Jeff, and Jon - "Panthera"
Blue and Aze - "The Revolution"
Lucy Lyall - "Spare Keys for Strange Doors"

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