July 11, 2011
Hey all. This is the last SF spotlight I have to make up--the one I missed because of that whole 12+-hours-in-the-Atlanta-airport incident. This week, I bring you "Kyoudaikido Soldier Chromacorps" by Trevor Kent: SpiderForest's first and only sentai comic. Don't know what sentai is? Think "Power Rangers." Japan's got about a million shows like that, but that's the one that broke into the American market. ANYway, Trevor knows his genre inside and out and delivers a colorful, action-packed story that's pretty much friendly to all ages. (Hint: if you're old enough to watch "Power Rangers," you're old enough to read this webcomic.) Even if you don't think sentai is your thing, give "Chromacorps" a look. The creator really knows his stuff, and you'll probably enjoy yourself.

This week on "Cetiya," Nezumi is a little bit less enthusiastic than usual. How strange. He's also got something going on under his sleeves, there. For those who don't know, Nez is greeting Nine with a word that you typically hear Japanese shopkeepers and restaurant staff use to welcome customers, hence her "What're you selling?" response. (And no, this is not going to turn into one of those Western manga that compulsively throws in Japanese for no reason. It's legitimately part of the kid's backstory, not-fleshed-out-much though it be.)

Finally--and I hope you read this far, because this is important--it's time for July admissions at the Spiderforest Webcomic Collective! Got a webcomic? Think it's pretty good? Want to have a network to affiliate with? Go to www.spiderforest.com and check out the admissions guidelines. We're a collective that you do have to actually apply for--that means that you don't get in automatically--so bring your A game and show us what you've got! Admissions are only open until July 24th, so now's the time to check it out.

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