July 4, 2011
Hey all. I missed a couple of comics during our promotion cycle due to traveling (and other less fun things, like getting stuck in the Atlanta airport for over 12 hours, though that came later), so I'm bouncing back here to shine the spotlight on "Between Places" by Tiana. If you've been reading "Cetiya" for a while, you've probably seen me plug "Between Places" once or twice, but just to refresh: great ideas about magic and dreams, distinct art style, good writing, and a complex story that doesn't apologize for being confusing at times. I'm unfortunately not caught up on the archive, but if you enjoy "genre-fluid" fantasy you'll want to give this a look. (Sorry for the late promo, Ti. ^_^;;;)

This week on "Cetiya," a basically text-free page. It's one of those pages I look at and think, "This page kind of looks like a cop-out..." But, in reality, this type of page produces the effect that I wanted today. So... hopefully nobody here has a problem with occasional minimalism.

Underwater sheep!

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