June 20, 2011
This week's spotlighted (spotlit?) SF comic is "What It Takes" by Kez! "What It Takes" is for all of you post-apocalyptic genre fans who don't mind some R-rated content. Mostly language from what I've read so far, but this is where I admit that I haven't read the entire archive. The comic is appears in strip format rather than full-page, but is nonetheless a continuing story that would fit just as well in a graphic novel format. Strong female lead; clean, consistent art style; gripping storyline. Check it out!

This week on "Cetiya": Daven has Sokka face. >_> Also, I managed to miss my webcomic's Birthdayversary. Again. So... maybe I'll make something for it, but I'm not making any promises. Is that horrible? ><><><

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