June 6, 2011
Up this week on the SpiderForest promotional rotation is "Riven Sol" by Elaine Corvidae. First off, the image I chose should probably tell you something about why I like this comic. "Riven Sol" is done in a very interesting combination of 3D rendering and digital painting that accomplishes (most of the time) the rare feat of avoiding serious Uncanny Valley Syndrome. But that's just the aesthetics. The story has a definite (and stated) Lovecraftian vibe, which works well in the isolation of the Danforth space station. I don't want to say too much, since I enjoyed all the little reveals along the way, but: disappearing orphans, an insane girl, terrifying guards, and tentacles. PG-13, highly recommended. Check it.

This week here on "Cetiya," we have a page that I'm not entirely thrilled with, but which I think does the job. And... I really like Brome in the last panel. That part at least came out better than I'd hoped.

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