May 2, 2011
Happy May, loyal readers. This week kicks off another round of SpiderForest cross-promotional plugs, and first up is "Gemutations: Plague" by Darwin! I've only read the first chapter or two, and what I've seen has some damn good potential. The story has a sort of mystery/thriller type vibe, with David "Tigershark" Scott and Angelina Cortez--two genetic mutations, or "gemues"--attempting to contain and halt the outbreak of a potentially deadly virus that warps humans into a grotesque mirror of "normal" gemues. As if being a gemue could ever be called "normal." "Gemutations: Plague" is rated R by the author, so use your own discretion. (Though I figure if you're already reading "Cetiya" you can probably handle it.)

Moving on to this week's goings on in "Cetiya," Brome lives in a plantation house. For the moment, anyway... It might look totally different tomorrow. Daven seems pretty excited about going there, but why? Is he secretly an avid reader? And who *are* those fine gentlemen in the nice black suits?

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