April 25, 2011
Whew... it's an update! This week, Nine shows an interest in DIY projects and Daven flips shit about the legality of doing so. The definition of what a swarm is isn't actually relevant or necessary to understand for the remainder of "Cetiya," but it should be imagined as a sort of nanotech security cloud that could be set to follow a particular target. So... stalker tech. You might also notice that Dav's got that map behind him, which shows the damage sustained when the New Era incident occurred. (You saw it in Nezumi's room at the end of volume 1.) The Dry Land: not a very good vacation spot.

So... that's what's going on in Cetiya-land this week. And, for anyone that's concerned about it, this section *is* in fact already scripted... I've just been taking time for other hobbies lately, which has been causing the breaks in the update schedule. (I don't know why I imagine anyone might be concerned about this, but I do.)

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