February 28, 2011
Okay, Cetiya fans. Here's what's going on. I have been dealing with on-and-off webcomic-related burnout for about a month or so, which has resulted in a number of missed updates--today included. What this means for me: I am going to shift my drawing habits around so that I'm working for an hour or two every day on a page. This will fit well with my new job and the work I'm doing on my novel, and will be spaced out enough that I'll be able to handle it. What this means for you: probably no update this week, but much more consistent updates in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bearing with me while I deal with this.
February 21, 2011
Ha! I made it! XD I ended up making today's page about drawing Nine from lots of different angles, which I think mostly came out pretty well. The Sons of Adam, since I doubt I'll ever get around to fleshing them out much, are another crime syndicate. A white supremacist crime syndicate, to be exact. Don't feel bad that Nine might have framed them for something... they had it coming.

TWC vote incentive for the week is a black-and-white print ad that will be running in issue #12 of Code Name: Hunter. CN:H is one of the new member comics accepted into SpiderForest, by the way, so go check them out.

In fact, a belated congratulations is due to the rest of the new crew:

Gemutations: Plague (by Darwin)
Willow's Grove (by Karl Kleese)
Xander (by Ian Sean Gibson and Taylor Machnick)
Apple Valley (by Adam J. Smithee)
Kyoudaikido Soldier Chromacorps (by Taka)
Riven Sol (by Elaine Corvidae)
Tales from the Middle Kingdom (by koad)
Think Before You Think (by Sylvia)

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