October 18, 2010
Good Monday to you all! I have prevailed and produced a new page for today, in which I finally introduce... that guy! If you've read through the character info on the site, you know who that is. If you haven't... well, there is a lengthy explanation coming up in the near future. Please note that while he looks like a very likely candidate, That Guy does not work in a host club. Or DOES he? o.O

WF Crossover news: p.9 by yours truly is up over at Wayward Fall, so take a moment if you like touching rescue scenes.

Vote incentive news: As there is currently no Cetiya buffer and all the art I did this weekend has been posted, I bring you a photo of a bird hanging upside down in Kuala Lumpur. This may be your only chance to ever see a bird do this.

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