October 4, 2010
All right... this page is a bit of a cop-out. I totally understand. This is, however, what happens with my end-of-chapter pages (check earlier if you don't believe me).

But all is not lost! For if you hop over to Wayward Fall, page 7 of the Cetiya/Wayward Fall crossover (done by yours truly) is up and ready for public consumption! I highly recommend it. There's Kalishnakovs.

And last but not least, it's October! October means new month. New month means that Cetiya needs aaaaaaaallllllllll the new votes it can get. So, disregarding the fact that you're now mad at me for giving you a chapter end page this week instead of something exciting to look at, drop me a vote and get another piece of next week's chapter cover.

Until next time!

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