September 20, 2010
Yeah... they can only really get creepier. My assurance to you, the reader: May and Mimi are actually talking about something besides straight-up nonsense. I can't quite promise that it will all make sense eventually, but I'm certain that the discerning reader will be able to come up with at least one possible interpretation. Well... except for the part about the son who dissolves into a pack of whispers. You don't get to guess about that one for a while. In the meantime... enjoy Mimi's creepy bear!

Vote candy: the page of notes and doodles of Brome that I was doing while Taversia and I were planning the crossover (which is up to page 5 at http://wf.taversia.net, incidentally). The middle sketch of Brome has longer features than I typically draw him with... which I think I kind of like.

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