August 9, 2010
Brome's story continues. (I actually wrote this story about a year ago... and I still like the part about the feathers.)

Vote at TWC for my absolute favorite drawing of Brome's eyes.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the following new members to the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective:

Omega (Omega)
Joumana (Malaak, Angel of Peace)
Nicoli (Keys)
Hchano (dream*scar)
JGray (Mysteries of the Arcana)
Mella (Mellapants)
Wavechan (Era: Convergence)
Mehighlo and Manda (Weave)
ImaginaryGirl (Real Life Fiction)

Apologies if I missed anyone (or if there's a different handle you'd rather be going by for some reason). Welcome to the party. ^_^/

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