June 21, 2010
Supermarkets in the Cetiya-verse are pretty much the same as supermarkets anywhere else. Except with cooler cereal. To the naysayers out there: I would totally eat this cereal. So would Nezumi. Erm... I mean Victor. Yeah. He's totally all over that. It's worth noting that this whole sequence taught me that I hate drawing supermarkets. Also, I've been told that my seagulls don't look like seagulls; I continue to employ the defense that I have very little experience drawing seagulls, and the next set will be better. ::nods::

OTHER SUPER IMPORTANT NEWS: Cetiya turned 2 years old last week! To celebrate, I promptly forgot. Here's a little thing I drew for it over the weekend.

This week's vote-candy: Nezumi, Daven, Nine, Pada, and Brome as MapleStory sprites. It's totally awesome. Seriously.

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