May 24, 2010
Good morning good morning (and yes, it is morning as I post this for once). SF Spotlight Winter/Spring 2010 has come to an end, so once again today's newscast is all about ME. Erm... I mean "Cetiya." Right. Yes. So. Today's page could have turned out to be really boring. In fact, maybe it IS really boring. It's okay if you think so... since it's really all about Nezumi failing majestically at using a swipe card. Some people get locked out of their Facebook accounts if they get their password wrong too many times. Or their bank accounts. Nezumi got locked out of the CONTROL ROOM. Good job, dude. I bet Nine finds some way to make this Daven's fault...

IN FACT. If you hop on over to my TWC vote incentive for the week, you can see Daven making wild excuses about SOMETHING. I've taken out the text, but feel free to make up your own dialogue. (By the way, everyone's been really awesome about voting this month. We have yet to get "Cetiya" out of the 300s, but I really want to thank everyone for their support and loyalty. ::hands out dried turkey sticks::)

A last note that has bearing on this page: If you recall waaaaay back on p.28 (or p.63), Nine got into the control room using a sort of finger-swipe pattern on the entry panel. The card Nezumi is using works like a card-key to bypass the finger-swipe, the same way some computers have fingerprint recognition with the option of manually typing in a password (useful if your fingers are wet, bloody, or missing... or if you just want to let your roommate use your computer for some reason).

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