p.17 and Between Places
May 17, 2010
Hey there, everyone. Last but not least on SpiderForest's webcomic spotlight rotation is "Between Places" by Tiffany M., a.k.a. Tiana. An epic fantasy with a twisting storyline, "Between Places" wins points from me by refusing to deliberately explain things with the explainy hammer until it's damn well ready to, and even then the reader has to use some brain power. Add to this an established digital art style that mimics non-digital painting and you get a piece of work that I can confidently say is unique in the webcomic world. Got a free afternoon? Sit down and read a few chapters. You won't be disappointed.

This week on "Cetiya": Daven shows off his devil-may-care attitude regarding how long his Chinese food has been sitting out. Sadly, loyalty to his fearless leader is no excuse for "doing something." For the record, I hate doing aerial views. They always take me longer than everything else.

TWC incentive for the week: Working-size, partially complete outline for the next page. Check it.

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