p.16 and Sakana no Sadness
May 10, 2010
Good morning and happy Monday once again, Viewing Public. This week's spotlight is on "Sakana no Sadness" by Simon H., creator of "The Artiste Manquee." The title could be read as "The Sadness of Fish," "A Fish's Sadness," or pretty much anything else involving any number of fish and the feeling of being sad, and from said title it becomes readily apparent that this is a webcomic set in Japan. The not-exactly-lovable protagonist is Hideo, a sufferer of a Japanese shut-in syndrome (hikikomori, or at least something similar) who lives in his mom's basement and has absolutely zero contact with the outside world. He is the ultimate otaku, with a comic book and video game collection to rival the best of the best. His only problem? The robotic girlfriend he's built for himself doesn't seem to like him very much. At all. Sad... Simon does something very cool here, which is tell a story set in Japan that isn't drawn in anything resembling a Japanese manga style. Manga, in many of its forms, has come to strike me as extremely formulaic (come on... you know you were thinking it, too), so I really like seeing someone take contemporary Japanese themes for a ride that I haven't been on. Fun characters, tight writing, and bonus fun for anyone who can read a little katakana. Totally worth a look.

"Cetiya": Wow... nice housefly you got there, Dav. Good going. This guy goes from cool and collected to confused and indignant in like a second and a half.

Incentive: Not panel art! Actually, a pencil sketch of a character I created for the last Vampire game I played in. Check it out.

Finally: Huge thanks and welcome to all of my new visitors from last week. Hope some of you have decided to stick around. ^_^/

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