p.15 and Catalyst
May 3, 2010
Good morning good morning and happy Monday. And happy May. This week in the SpiderForest spotlight is "Catalyst" by Esther Chuah, aka Crystal. It's a really lovely, serious fantasy, with full-color pages that do the thing I love so much in webcomics: evolve. The style is pretty to look at in the beginning, and it only gets better as the story unfolds. Here's a storyteller who knows the story she wants to tell and proceeds accordingly, with art to match. If you like your fantasy with a bitter edge, this one's for you.

"Cetiya": Okay, it's true... they weren't talking about you. Looks like Dav's paranoia might be paying off?? Also, that's a combination keypad inside the door handle, but that sneaky, sneaky man was totally lying in wait.

On the incentives front, it's May! So I want votes. However, TWC has chosen today to malfunction, so I haven't been able to upload the new incentive panel. Which is sad, because it's my favorite expression that Daven's ever made. Ever. It'll go up as soon as TWC gets working again, though, so don't miss it!

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