p.14 and What Nonsense
April 26, 2010
Up this week for SF spotlight is "What Nonsense" by Caitlin Crowley, an anthro horror/suspense comic mostly taking place in the very off-kilter Nawncentz Inn. You know those stories where an old guy gets tricked into being committed to an old folks home? Or a sane person gets committed to an asylum? Or a guy goes up to a hotel to write a novel and gets slowly converted into an ax-murderer? Any of these could potentially relate to poor Mr. Swinson, who has no idea what he's done to deserve a "vacation" at this... erm... establishment. Great storytelling, great characters, great art. You'll zoom through the archive and immediately want more. Check it.

"Cetiya": I was having an off day when I drew this page, but that's okay. I really like Nez in the 5th panel.

Incentive: A panel of Nine and Daven talking about you. Or about something else. You won't know until next week, though, because all of the dialogue is strategically absent. ::evil laugh::

Other art news: There's a new digital painting of Daven in his character gallery. It has feathers. Hot shit.

Other other news: "Cetiya" only has 21 fans on Facebook. This is a bit of a sad number. Double it and I'll take an art request. Come on, let me know that someone loves this project.

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