p.12 and School Spirit
April 12, 2010
Some of you might have noticed that there wasn't a featured comic last week (due to the holidays of course), but this week the SpiderForest collective is back on track with "School Spirit" by Dutch. SpiderForest's got its share of sci-fi, high fantasy, and post-apocalyptic adventure, but sometimes you need a comic that's made for your inner child. And that's just what "School Spirit" is. This full-color strip-format comic follows the adventures of a group of school friends (and sometimes enemies) in small-town Australia, where they tackle everything from maths homework to cricket matches to the ghosts who hang out down in the local cemetery. Whether you're an adult with fond memories of your school days or an actual child (it's G-rated, folks... everyone's allowed to play), you'll probably find something to smile about here.

Today on "Cetiya": Daven is a proud, proud man. I'm really happy with the bottom panel in particular. I also like how Nez came out this time around. I still have days when one of my characters comes out looking a little wonky, and I'm glad that didn't happen so much on this one.

For your voting pleasure: Two complete panels from the next page (minus text, of course). Give it a look. ^_^

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