p.10 and Planes of Eldlor
March 29, 2010
This week's SpiderForest spotlight is on "Planes of Eldlor" by Robbie "Leezard" and Sarrah "Nightlyre" Wilkinson. "Eldlor" is a high fantasy tale centered around a clan of dragons dedicated to preserving the balance of their own world. The threat comes in the form of a rift, a tear between worlds through which demonic forces attempt to enter Eldlor. The rift is dormant for now, but there's no way to know how long it will stay that way...

Once again, that's "Planes of Eldlor." Even if dragons aren't your thing, give it a look.

On "Cetiya": A private moment with Daven. I decided as I was designing the page that he would keep his sweeper gadget inside one of the ubiquitous Chinese food boxes, and I'm very happy with that decision.

Incentive: the next page's layout, ranging from rough sketch to complete outline.

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