p.9 and Nonsense (and Fuzznuts)
March 22, 2010
Greetings, faithful reading public. This week: "Nonsense" by Chris and DJ! Last time around, I plugged their webcomic "Fuzznuts," an epic tale of squirrels, zombies, zombie squirrels, Satan, hobos, and your mom jokes. "Nonsense," conversely, tells the epic tale of Chris and DJ in their quest to to tell previously mentioned epic tale. In sum: strip-form humor about the creation of their other webcomic. Good times for all... provided you're 13 years or older (and thus able to appreciate the finer points of comedy).

Cetiya: Another allusion to Nezumi and pirates. This is that other page I mentioned where I started it one month and finished it approximately two months later (which I swear has not happened since... never fear!). For all the problems it caused me, I think it came out well... particularly the last panel. (For anyone who's curious, the music that Dav just started blasting is by a band called the Dendritic Spines. No, this is not a real band. Yes, I know what a dendritic spine is.)

Incentive! Two lovely linework panels of Daven doing stuff.

Sidenote: Yes, my site still has a glitching problem in Firefox 3.6. No, it is not fixed yet. Yes, this problem has existed for like two months.

Sidenote sidenote: Vegas was awesome.

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