p.8 and Kinnari
March 15, 2010
Okay, so it's not Monday yet... but in a few hours I'm getting on a plane to Vegas (where I'll be almost all week!), so I won't be able to do a Monday update. So, Sunday it is. This week's featured comic is "Kinnari" by Meenakshi Krishnamoorthy, a fantasy epic set in India which draws heavily from Indian mythology. The setting is beautifully realized, and quite unique as far as webcomics are concerned... While East Asian locales remain quite popular among artists and writers, Meenakshi's portrayal of India is new, refreshing, and interesting. She also includes extensive footnotes regarding the Indian terminology used within the comic. A lovely webcomic, and one to keep an eye on. Check it.

"Cetiya": This was a pretty good page for Daven. He just doesn't understand Nezumi's attachment to pirate comics...

This week's incentive: A pre-tone panel featuring Daven doing a hero pose. For himself. Because that's how cool he is.

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