March 8, 2010
This week, the SF comic-of-the-week spotlight is on ME. So... I guess I'll just talk about "Cetiya" today. Story about this page: I started drawing it on vacation in Massachusetts back in August, got into a bad headspace over moving back to Japan, and didn't come back to it until sometime in October. This taught me the very important lesson of NEVER LEAVE A PAGE UNFINISHED FOR TWO MONTHS. (I then proceeded to do the exact same thing around December.) Anyway, finishing this page turned out to be kind of a pain in the ass and the product isn't phenomenal, but I guess that just happens sometimes. I enjoy Dav in the first panel, though. And yes, for anyone who's unclear on it, Angelus is in fact a branch of the military.

TWC incentive for the week: 2.5 linework panels from next week's page, including a 3/4 headshot of Daven that I'm personally very fond of. Check it out.

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