p.6 and Sunset Grill
March 1, 2010
This week's SF webcomic spotlight is "Sunset Grill" by Kat Feete, a 3D-modeled urban sci-fi tale based around the clientele of the titular grill. Got a little bit of gang warfare, little bit of class warfare, little bit of race warfare, little bit of... levitating pink fountains? Gritty but humorous with a formidable cast of characters, good writing, and interesting storylines. Oh, and she integrates really good worldbuilding notes into her news posts, which means you can follow all the action even if you haven't had time to go through her actual worldbuilding page. Give it a look: http://sunsetgrillcomic.com/

Today on "Cetiya": View Daven's bitterness, for it is vast! I really love him in the second-to-last panel... Actually, I love the range of Daven's attitudes and moods in general. He's rapidly becoming my favorite character to work with. Uh-oh...

TWC incentive for the day is a panel sketch of Daven's bitterness edging ever closer to epic proportions. And, since it's the first of the new month, votes from the masses would be GREAT. Sankyuu! =^_^=

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