p.4 and Smyzer & Blyde
February 15, 2010
Up this week is J.G. (or Jaygee) with his action/mystery/noir/ass-kicking online graphic novel, "Smyzer & Blyde." "Smyzer & Blyde" possesses a flow, artistic style, and format that is totally unique within the ranks of the SpiderForest Collective and, I believe, largely unseen in the online webcomic community as a whole. Sharp, clean lines; beautifully realized scenery; a thoroughly Western style that owes jack to Asian influences (no offense meant to anyone who draws manga, myself included); and as much intrigue as you, the reader can handle. This is gritty future London at its finest. Give it a look.

On to the goings-on in Cetiya-land: First and foremost, look at this fancy new page! My favorite panel is ironically the one I left for the very end because I couldn't figure out what to put in it: Daven's gloved hands messing around with his computer innards. God, I love it. Second (and still foremost), I finally finished that chapter cover I was supposed to post forever ago. So, if you want to hop on back a few pages to right here you can see what you've all been missing. And for those of you who are saying, "But now see here my good woman, this thing is singularly uninspiring in black and white!" I offer the full color version over in Daven's personal gallery (or right here).

But wait! There's more! As yesterday was all Valentine's Day and whatnot, we ALSO have this painting of Nine and Eve.

Full update today, no? And, as the final touch, there's an untoned panel from the next page up on TWC for your viewing pleasure.

See you next week.

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