p.3 and Scattered Leaves
February 8, 2010
SpiderForest is doing promos again! Fancy good times. This week's featured artist is Seanan, with her comic, "Scattered Leaves." Seanan is one of our newest additions, and I think we're very lucky to have her; "Scattered Leaves" is a traditional media fantasy comic that feels fresh and original, and the art, though still evolving (which, admittedly, always interests me), is fitting and evocative. Definitely one to watch. http://scatteredleaves.spiderforest.com

Moving on to news about my stuff: I like this page. I had fun with it. I have trouble with messy rooms, apparently... I think Daven's place should really be more out-of-order than I made it, but it's a work in progress. Something I'm really proud of: those old school computer innards he's working on. Something I'm sad about: that apparently I didn't make up the name of Daven's preferred Chinese takeout place. Ah well... I guess that happens to everyone.

Incentive: My first concept sketch of Daven's room.

Other stuff: Firefox 3.6 glitch still exists... But if anyone who isn't pissed about that feels like buying ad space on this here site I might just love you a little. Also, I'm in Indiana. And I'm working on that not-at-all-on-time chapter cover now, so it'll be up next week. See you then!

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