Vol. 2: The Hierophant
January 25, 2010
Check it out, guys! Is new cover! ^_^ I was worried about this one for a while... It looked like crap for a really long time before I stopped hating it. Actually, I think my favorite part of this thing is Dav... even if his shirt makes his military hat look like it belongs on a newsie. Also, there's the fact that I feel like the impact of this cover was corrupted back when I drew "Electric Light," since this cover concept came first, but... nothing to be done about that.

Important news: I am moving back to the US on Thursday and am entrenched in preparations as well as finals. Which means that I might not have the new chapter cover done by next Monday. You'll still get a page, of course, it's just that that piece might have to be added in later. Sorry in advance.

Incentive: completed panel from p.118.

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