January 18, 2010
It's the end of Volume 1! Holy crap! This page is one of the really good things that's come out of my (*cough*last minute*cough) decision to make Nezumi an active student/apprentice... Hope you all join me for Volume 2: "The Hierophant."

Now, SpiderForest recently welcomed five new webcomics into its community, and I (like the really forgetful person I was being last week) completely forgot to post links to them. Very, very sorry for that, guys... We're very proud to welcome:

Planes of Eldlor
Smyzer and Blyde
Scattered Leaves

And finally, your incentive for the week (because who can ever forget about those?) is a little slice of next week's cover. It's a very special slice, because it's one that's mostly covered up by the title in the final version, so check it out!

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